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Make It Personal: Valentine’s Day Video Greetings Ideas

February 05, 2021
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Have you already stored up wine and chocolates for Valentine’s? Gota reservation in a nice restaurant? Picked a nice movie on Netflix to watch in the evening? 

Sounds like something is missing, eh? Right. A present. Some memento to keep as a reminder of all those special moments you’ve shared. Now, instead of a conventional Valentine card, why not express your love in an original video? Let us show how can you create one. 

All you need is a bit of your free time and a video editing program. And, of course, some pictures and videos of you two together.

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Romantic Slideshow

This one is the easiest (yet the cutest)! Find the best photos of you two and put them together in a short video.

It won’t take more than an hour, we promise. Simply apply filters to your pictures, choose a beautiful song (we bet you have that one song you two call “ours”), and spend 15 minutes in a video editing program. Done! A nice video card for your beloved one is ready for sharing!

See, it’s very, VERY easy: 

Love Story

Up for doing something more advanced? Instead of a simple slideshow, create a love story show! Choose photos that show important milestones of your relationship – first date, first weekend together, moving in – and put them in chronological order in your video.

If you’re ready for some more work, you can make the video even better by adding a voiceover. Become the narrator of your story – tell the whole thing from the very beginning. Remember what you felt and thought back then and share those memories. 

Compilation of “I Love You” Scenes

If it’s difficult for you to find your own words, use the help of world cinematography! Choose your couple’s favorite movies and find the love declaration scenes in them. Heath Ledger singing I Love You Baby, Andrew Lincoln showing notecards to Keira Knightley, Billy Crystal yelling “I love that it takes you an hour and a half to order a sandwich”… You get the point, right? 

Just cut those scenes and put them together in one short video! 

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Confession Vlog

Sometimes it’s best to keep things simple. Just sit in front of the camera and say what you want to say to your loved one. Speak from your heart and express your feelings in your very own way Don’t worry if your speech seems awkward or even a little funny. That will make your video card even more sincere and special. Just imagine how fun it will be to rewatch that video years later!

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