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The 15 Best YouTube Drawing Channels to Get Inspiration From

July 15, 2020
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It’s an undeniable fact that YouTube has become one of the major hubs for creative professionals to share their talents with a global audience – and artists are no exception. Many painters and illustrators use YouTube as a powerful platform for exposing their work to the world as well as promoting their online and offline teaching. Quite a few of them even share tutorials and tips on their channels for free.

So, if you’ve always wanted to learn how to draw or paint, free online tuition is a great place to start. YouTube painting lessons provide you with a free and accessible way of mastering this art without having to leave home – perfect for those who don’t have time for offline classes, or those who are unsure whether they want to commit to this activity.

We’ve picked some of the top drawing and painting channels to inspire you – watch, repeat and enjoy!

Top Painting Channels to Watch and Learn From

Best Channels for Beginners

Paint Basket

This channel is run by father and son Dennis and Nolan Clark. They guide you through the steps involved in sketching, pencil drawing, watercolor painting, acrylics and much more. Start by learning how to mix colours correctly – they offer plenty of theory to back up the fundamentals.

Paint Academy

If you’re just starting your journey to creating art and are not sure yet which techniques to choose, the Paint Academy channel is the one to turn to. Each week, they provide 4 step-by-step tutorials in watercolour, acrylic, pastel and ink & pencil drawing, one for each technique.  Great for both beginners and artists seeking to improve their technique or learn a new one.


Best Channels for Advanced Artists

Andrew Tischler

Andrew has been creating art for over 14 years and now specializes in realism. Be prepared to watch long, thorough explanations – as detailed as the results of your effort are expected to turn out.

James Gurney

James Gurney is a professional painter and illustrator of the well-known illustrated book series Dinotopia. In his work, Gurney uses oil paints, gouache and watercolor. A typical tutorial on the channel lasts less than 10 minutes, so don’t expect too much detail. Even in these short clips, he shares plenty of tricks you can easily apply if you already have some basic skills in how to paint.


Best Pen & Pencil Drawing Channels

Kirsty Partridge Art

Almost a million followers can’t be wrong! Indeed, this UK-based artist provides great insight into drawing with pencils – including color pencils. Check out her do’s and don’t’s lessons and learn how to fix common errors – and avoid them in the future!

Alphonso Dunn

Alphonso call himself an art instructor, and we have to admit that teaching is something he’s genuinely good at. If you want to learn realistic pencil drawing techniques and are willing to sit through really comprehensive explanations, explore this channel to its fullest. For example, have a look at this 1 Minute Art Tips series video on understanding muscle start and end points.


Best Watercolour Painting Channels


This channel belongs to Hieu Nguyen, an aspiring artist based in Melbourne, Australia. Hieu’s friendly personality shines through in his stylized watercolor tutorials – he makes them fun and enjoyable to watch. And, most importantly – you’ll find them really easy to follow, and the result will be worth every minute you’ve spent on them.

Maria Raczynska

Beautiful landscapes, spirited animals, tricky shadows, realistic still life objects – everything that looks so difficult to paint is broken down into easy step-by-step tutorials – that’s what this channel is all about. Maria Raczynska is an inspiring self-taught artist based in Los Angeles. In addition to her free tutorials, she offers paid classes in her online painting school.


Best Oil Painting Channels

Lena Danya

If you appreciate artists bringing their own personality into their art blogs, you’ll definitely like Lena’s channel. Not only does she give a thorough understanding of how to work with oil, but she also shares hypnotizing time-lapse videos of her painting, art talks and diary-style series documenting her life.


As you can tell from the channel name, Kevin Hill specialises on oil painting – with a focus on landscapes. Take a look at his videos explaining the basics first, then switch to his “Paint with Kevin” tutorials and follow the instructions. If you want more information, Kevin’s website is also there to help.


Starting Your Own Painting Channel

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