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Movavi Effects Store Release: Cinematic Set!

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June 27, 2019

Movavi Blog Team

Hey there!

Have you ever thought about making a Sci-Fi blockbuster, complete with a fantasy creature that will make your hair stand on end? Well, now you can! Movavi has everything you need in one mega set of effects: we’ve collected the Blockbuster, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Horror packs into a single Cinematic Set!

The set includes:

  • 14 titles
  • 98 stickers
  • 16 backgrounds
  • 7 transitions
  • 7 frames

Perhaps you want a runic symbol to whirl around the title of your film, or you need to make a broom shoot like a ray gun, or maybe have a pale face appear in a cloud of smoke by a doorway. It’s all possible with our Cinematic Set. Check it out in the Effects Store!

Once you’ve bought the set, watch our guide on how to use the effects.

Stay creative and stay in touch!

Yours as always,

Movavi Team.

Movavi Blog Team

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