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We Are Looking for Writers!

Our blog covers anything and everything that sparks creativity. We collect ideas, life hacks and success stories – and we need new writers to help us bring inspiration to the world.

Our ideal writer is someone who:

  • has a keen interest in visual arts, whether it’s cinema, videography, editing, photography, or design
  • can explain technical terms simply and engagingly
  • carefully studies open-source topics
  • doesn’t get down in the weeds on technical issues
  • is always content-hungry – if you’re addicted to YouTube, Instagram or Behance, you might be just who we’re looking for!

If you want to suggest an article:

  1. Make sure we haven’t already published something similar
  2. Make a plan – pull together:
    1. estimated number of words or characters (spaces included),
    2. the main points of the topic you want to explore,
    3. links to your source materials
  3. Send us your plan, along with examples of your writing and/or links to published articles and a short bio. If we like your idea, we’ll get in touch and figure out how we can work together.

Payment rates for articles will be discussed individually.

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