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iPhone 11: What’s New?

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Apparently, Apple is planning to follow its usual pattern of releasing 3 iPhones at a time, which they started back in 2017. This time the company is releasing two Pro versions of the devices, replacing iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, and a more basic one to replace the iPhone Xr. While it is still unclear how they’re going to name the new series (iPhone XI? iPhone 11? iPhone what?), some information regarding the key features of the new smartphones is available.

Here’s our take on the key features the new generation of iPhones is going to offer.


Predictably, the new devices will have a faster processor. Their A13 brains include an AMX a.k.a. matrix co-processor, which is designed to handle particularly math-intensive tasks. The electronics will be sufficiently advanced to handle the latest computer vision and augmented reality technologies. 


Apple will stick to its signature design, so the appearance of the devices is unlikely to change much. The size of the Pro versions will be the same as the XS and XS Max. Some color editions will have a matte surface on the back. 


Probably the most awaited feature of the new phone is the new camera system on the back. The Pro versions will have three cameras, one of which is responsible for capturing ultra-wide-angle images. This set of sensors will shoot three images at once. The built-in artificial intelligence software combines the photographs and automatically corrects them (if, say, some important part of the shot is cut out). The image resolution will be competitive with some traditional digital cameras. 

What we’re particularly curious about is the quality of the video, which will reportedly be comparable to professional camera footage. The company has also come up with new software that lets you apply retouching, color correction, cropping and effects while recording. This feature may not be able to substitute a designated editing program, but it definitely will save you time working with your footage later in Movavi Video Editor or any other application that you use.

The more budget-friendly version of the device will have a double camera system, which will enhance the overall quality of the images. Portrait mode will be more efficient, too. 


The new OLED displays on Pro devices will feature Haptic Touch technology instead of 3D Touch, pretty much like the iPhone Xr. The more budget-friendly version will stay with the same IPS screen as the Xr had. 


Some rumors indicate that the new generation of devices will have a USB-C charger. While this is yet unknown, we do know that the Pro versions will have a reverse charging system. This means that the owner can now power-up AirPods directly from the back of the phone. So let’s hope that the battery is also more durable. Some sources have suggested a 25% capacity boost, others have been mentioning 5%. 


From now on you’ll have more time to find your phone at the bottom of the pool if you drop it in the water. All three smartphones claim to be more water-resistant than their predecessor iPhone XS, which could last 30 minutes under water. However, it’s best not to take chances, as Apple doesn’t cover liquid damages in their warranty. We’ll see if that changes. 

New shatter-resistance technology is on the list, too (but you wouldn’t want to challenge that one, either – see the Price section below). 

The new multi-angle FaceID sensor will be able to recognize the owner even if the smartphone is lying flat on the table. Consequently, it will unlock before you grab it (so be quick – someone else may snatch it from right under your nose!). 

The time for 5G connectivity has not come yet. We’ll have to wait till next year for that one. 


The cheapest of the new iPhones is likely to cost around $999 for the smaller 128GB version, $1099 for 256GB and $1199 for 512GB. The price range for the Pro versions is as yet undisclosed. 

To sum up, now we can all theoretically make a responsible, justified decision as to whether the new Apple device is worth the investment; we’ve done our best to make your choice informed. 

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