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Wedding Videos: How to Easily Make One Yourself Using a Wedding Video Maker

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Many engaged couples want to star in their own personal Hollywood film of their wedding. But professional videographers know that clips and full-length movies are not the same thing. Instead of making an hours-long video record of the occasion, they prefer to create a short montage of highlights from the wedding day that friends and relatives can enjoy in a relatively short time. But what if you are planning to create and edit the video yourself? Of course, there’s plenty to think about in the run-up to the special day – how you’re going to construct the plot or story arc, for example, and for sure what wedding video editor you’re going to use. Here are a few tips on the most important things you need to consider.

1. Write a Plot

First of all, develop a detailed storyline. This is the most important step right here. Without a clear plan of action, you can get lost and miss interesting moments during the wedding. With the plot, you are unlikely to forget the “must-have” shots — for example, the kiss. It will also make it easier for you to calculate the time needed for shooting particular moments in the ceremony.

2. Shoot the Film

Shoot a lot of footage for a diverse videography – it will give you more flexibility when you start to edit the video of this marriage. Try to be fast on your feet so you can react to changes in the situation – especially if the ceremony is outdoors and there’s rain in the forecast! Also, it’s best to capture emotions as openly as possible, because the film shouldn’t be about the place, dresses, decoration, etc. First and foremost, it should be about the people.

3. Tread Carefully

A wedding is an exciting and highly choreographed day for the newlyweds, and they don’t need you to be the center of attention. On the contrary, you need to turn yourself into a spy for the day and try to get all the footage you need as unobtrusively as possible. Sometimes things will not go according to plan – when that happens, you need to react quickly and adjust to the circumstances.

4. Use a Wedding Video Editor

And now it’s time to edit your wedding movie. If you don’t already have some wedding video editing software, you can download Movavi Video Editor from our site. It’s very easy to use, and you don’t need any special editing skills to apply special effects, add your favorite music or create captions.

Visit the Movavi Video Editor webpage to learn more

5. Be Cool

And finally, remember that this is a very stressful day for the happy couple. Talk to the newlyweds before the ceremony to relieve tension, reassure them about what you’ll be doing, and help them be more relaxed during the day. But don’t be too intrusive, especially during the event. The couple won’t be paying any attention to the cameras, but for you it will be the best atmosphere in which to film the video. Good luck and enjoy your filming!

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