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Between Art and Quarantine: Which Painting to Recreate?

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April 17, 2020

Movavi Blog Team

Viral TikTok dances, live concerts on Instagram and home cooking shows – quarantine has locked us indoors and boosted our creativity on social media. Here comes a new genre of quarantine-era posts: a series of famous paintings recreated at home with the help of pretty much anything that comes to mind. The trend was picked up by many noted museums starting from California’s Getty Museum to The Hermitage in Saint Petersburg. They challenged their followers on social media to reenact artworks. How about using toilet paper to recreate Caravaggio? Or stuffed toys to imitate Da Vinci? It’s absolutely insane – and sometimes stunningly gorgeous. Just check the #betweenartandquarantine hashtag to see for yourself.

Fancy joining the trend? Let’s see how well you know classical art! Take this quiz to challenge your expertise and discover painting you should recreate. 

Movavi Blog Team

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